Pangea Rocks A/S

Acropora Polystroma

€13,36 EUR
VAT (Included).
All of our products are artifical. We do not sell living animals or plants.

Our corals will make an excellent and exciting addition to your saltwater aquarium it is an  professional made cast of a real coral it is suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Our coral  is exceptionally realistic and offers unique and natural  environment for your aquatic inhabitants. The colors is embedded inside the materials so it will not peel. The corals are also made of a Food grade, durable, flexible and nearly unbreakable UV stable polyurethane composite  and are safe for all aquariums.

Due to the nature of the Polyurethane material, a small fading of color can occur, depending of the light intensity and water quality in the tank. For this Reason we on some corals over-color  the corals to compensate for any loss of color due to algae growth.

- Delivery 3-5 days
- Made in Denmark
- Made from food grade materials

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