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Feather boa

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Artificial Feather boa. Egregia menziesii, commonly known as Feather Boa Kelp or Giant Kelp, is a large brown alga that forms dense underwater forests along the coastlines of the Pacific Ocean. It is native to the cold, nutrient-rich waters of the North Pacific, including the western coast of North America. Feather Boa Kelp is characterized by its long, strap-like fronds that can grow up to several meters in length. These fronds have a distinct appearance, with a smooth central stalk and numerous branching blades that resemble a feather boa. The kelp provides crucial habitat and food for a variety of marine organisms, including fish, invertebrates, and sea otters. It plays a vital role in coastal ecosystems, helping to provide protection against erosion and supporting biodiversity.

- Made in Denmark
- Made from food grade materials

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