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Vallisneria Gigantea

€37,08 EUR
VAT (Included).
All of our products are artifical. We do not sell living animals or plants.

Artificial Vallisneria Gigantea 16 mm. 6 leaves pr plant..

Our artificial Vallisneria Gigantea plants will make an excellent and exciting addition to your aquarium it is an incredibly professional made polyfine plant that is suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The leafy plant is exceptionally realistic and offers unique and natural movement inside of the aquarium, providing a more natural environment for your aquatic inhabitants. The bright green hues offer a splash of brown /brown green coloration even within the darkest corners of your aquarium the base is with a acrylic disk to dig down in the aquarium sand to ensures the plant doesn't float and stays firmly in place, regardless of flow rate. The long leaves grants smaller fry fish and shy species a safe, quiet space to rest and reside away from the activity of more energetic or aggressive fish.

- Delivery 3-5 days
- Made in Denmark
- Made from food grade materials

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